How to Handle Clogged Drains in Your Home

When it comes to the maintenance of your household, it’s always better to find the perfect solution to a problem, than a quick fix which often leads to bigger problems. When dealing with clogged drains, this is most definitely the case. A clogged drain treated incorrectly can lead to a huge mess that is often much more difficult (and expensive) to clean up. Here is a list of some easily avoidable mistakes:

Don’t ignore it – It might seem the most simple to overlook a decrease in the flow speed of your drains, however this essentially means you are letting a small blockage build up and turn into a bigger problem.

Don’t take your sink apart immediately – A deeper understanding of how your plumbing system works will reveal that not every issue requires major work done. Finding out the cause of the problem helps you to find the best solution.

Don’t be too quick to use chemical drain cleaners – These store-bought products serve very specific purposes and it’s highly inadvisable to pour them into any and all clogged drains if you are not certain of their specific use.

The Safest Way to Deal With Clogged Drains?

Hiring a professional plumber to work on the pipes in your home is always the safest choice. It’s incredibly beneficial to you as a homeowner to have experienced plumbers performing maintenance at your home regularly. The professionals here at Go Green Plumbing are trained to efficiently handle your plumbing situations. If you reside within the areas of Grimsby to Fort Erie, give Go Green Plumbing a call today to handle all your plumbing repairs, at 289 244 9843 or email us at

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