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Experience the best in fixture installation with Go Green Plumbing Ltd. We specialize in fitting a wide range of plumbing fixtures, enhancing the comfort and functionality of your living spaces. Whether it’s upgrading your bathroom or kitchen, our skilled team makes sure every install is seamless and sustainable.

Our service extends beyond basic installations. We offer customized solutions for showers, bathtubs, kitchen and bathroom sinks, and more, ensuring each fixture not only matches your aesthetic but also supports efficient water use. Trust us to handle everything from the simple setting up of laundry tubs and hose bibs to the complex installations of high-tech bidets and toilets.

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From a simple under-the-counter pipe replacement to a complex underground air trenchless pipe system overhaul, we are the go-to experts you can trust. Our experienced plumbers utilize the latest technology to ensure minimal disruption and efficient repair, regardless of the project size. Specializing in both residential and commercial environments, we offer comprehensive solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.

Over the past decade, the experts at Go Green Plumbing have emerged as leaders in construction and addition in the Niagara Region. Whether you are managing a residential or commercial project, we will take care of all of your plumbing services needs.

Whether your clogged drain is in the kitchen, bathroom, sewer line or utility room, our drain cleaning service will take your home’s pipes from a dirty mess to lemony fresh.

We offer exceptional plumbing services that ensure your systems function flawlessly and efficiently. From urgent repairs to routine maintenance, our expert plumbers use the latest eco-friendly techniques to enhance the performance and sustainability of your plumbing infrastructure.

They say that kitchens and bathrooms are the heart and soul of the home. Alright, maybe just we say that. Chat with us today about a dream kitchen or bathroom to find out why our plumbing services are the best in the area.


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At Go Green Plumbing Ltd, we take pride in our ability to provide a wide array of plumbing and fixture services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. From routine maintenance to emergency interventions, our certified plumbers are armed with cutting-edge tools and profound industry knowledge to address any plumbing challenge efficiently.

Targeted Plumbing Strategies for Enhanced Functionality:

We understand that each home or business has unique plumbing requirements. Our dedicated services range from leak detection to system upgrades, all designed to boost the efficiency and sustainability of your plumbing installations.

Dedicated Team of Plumbing Experts:

Our team of seasoned professionals is at the forefront of plumbing technology and custom fixture installation. With a thorough understanding of both traditional and modern plumbing systems, we ensure each service call is resolved with precision and effective solutions.

Proactive Maintenance for Optimal Performance:

Prevention is key in maintaining a reliable plumbing system. Our proactive maintenance services are crafted to foresee and avert potential issues, incorporating sustainable practices that prolong the life of your plumbing while promoting environmental conservation.

All-encompassing Repair Services:

No issue is too minor or complex for us to tackle. We are equipped to manage a comprehensive range of repairs, utilizing advanced methodologies and superior materials to deliver durable results that you can depend on.

Commitment to Excellence:

Our dedication to delivering the highest quality of plumbing services. We are committed to ensuring that every client in Niagara and surrounding areas benefits from our professional, efficient, and environmentally conscious plumbing solutions, making Go Green Plumbing Ltd your trusted partner for all plumbing needs.

We specialize in custom fixture installations that go beyond the norm. Our industry-leading, self-performed custom work includes everything from sophisticated light fixture to innovative illuminated lightboxes, perfect for both residential and commercial settings. With site surveys conducted by local pros, we ensure that every installation is perfectly aligned with your space’s dimensions and design aesthetics. Additionally, we expertly handle graphic installations and merchandising displays, transforming functional spaces into visually stunning environments. Choose Go Green for your fixture needs and experience the craftsmanship of local pros who deliver exceptional results.

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