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Sing with us: “Long as I remember, / The drain’s made funny sounds. / Ponds of misery formin’, / Refusin’ to go down. / Tool men screwed their snakers, / Tryin’ to grind the chunks. / And my plumber asked in wonder, / “Who clogged the drain?” (full lyrics).  A clogged drain can bring out the poet inside of us all–some of us write a song about it, while most of us ask to be pardoned as the frustration comes out in French.  Call Go Green Plumbing today and we’ll take care of all your drain cleaning needs, including clogged bathroom drains, clogged kitchen drains, clogged sewer drains and clogged utility room drains.  You name the drain and we’ll clear it with our exclusive eco-friendly Go Green preventative maintenance method that will keep your pipes flowing smoothly.  Contact us today!

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