Rusty Pipes in your Home’s Plumbing

There’s nothing more disconcerting or unpleasant than turning on your taps one day and see orange or brown water pouring out!

Although unpleasant to look at (and drink), rusty pipes and rust in drinking water has not been linked to any health issues and it’s not harmful to drink or wash dishes in. The rusted particles present in the water may make the water feel harder and soap may not foam very well, but beyond the inconvenience of stiffer clothing and hair, health professionals say you shouldn’t have to worry about any other serious issues.

However, that doesn’t mean that rusted pipes need to be left alone. Even if you can get over the colour and taste of rust in the water, the rust particles are an indicator for leaks yet to come. It’s important to know whether or not the rust is actually in your home’s pipes or if it’s coming from the watermain.

From Your Home

When the rust is coming from inside your home, there are going to be a few good indicators. The best time to check is in the morning or after several hours of disuse. Is the water discoloured right when your turn it on? Does it the discolouration clear after a minute or two of use? Check other faucets in your home: are only a few affected? Does the discolouration affect the hot water? When the rust is inside your own home you’ll likely be answering yes to all of the above.


From the Watermain

When the rust is in the mainline, you’ll be seeing the rusty water from all of your faucets instead of just a few. The water will also likely start out clear, but then become discoloured and won’t improve as the tap continues to run and will also likely only affect the cold water.

Once you have determined where the rust seems to be coming from, you can figure out who to contact accordingly. If it is coming from your home, give Go Green Plumbing a call and we will help get your water back to its crystal clear self! If you believe it is coming from the watermain, give your city a call and let them know the situation.


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