Diagnosing Sewer Line Problems

One of the most difficult places to discover a repair is needed, is in the sewer line. That is the main outtake pipe that removes all waste from your home. When this starts backing up into to your home, let’s just say it’s more than  unpleasant, not to mention unsanitary. Since the sewer pipe is usually buried underneath several feet of soil, it is extremely difficult to find the issue without an timely and costly excavation. Fortunately, Go Green Plumbing is able to discover and diagnose issues like these within the main sewer line, with the help of a camera that is designed specifically to maneuver through all different kinds of pipes. If you discover that you have sewer backing up into your home, give Go Green Plumbing a call and we can diagnose the problem and help you solve it immediately, to get things back to normal again in your home! Plumbing cameras can be used to find problems in other parts of your system as well, such as hidden leaks in your walls, mineral buildup that affects your water pressure or clogs that are found within the main pipe system. So, before you schedule a costly diagnostic give us a call!

You can reach us at 289-244-9843 or by email at info@gogreenplumbing.ca

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