Most Frequently Asked Plumbing Questions: Chapter One

Why Did My Water Bill Increase?

We all want to make sure our money isn’t slowly trickling away, so check for leaky toilets, faucets and fixtures. Leaks average out to costing 10¢/hour. If you threw a dime out your window every hour for a whole month, you’d be crazy. Plus, you’d be out $70. Plus plus, Martha wouldn’t be dropping off those sweet, delicious apple pies anymore because you hit her in the face with tiny coinage on her morning jog.

Another possible reason for a higher water bill is that your water usage was under estimated, and therefore your consumption was actually higher than expected. Make a goal to use less water each day for the next month and see what a difference it can make. You can check out water-saving tips from a previous blog here:

Other possible reasons for a water bill increase can be home renovations, filling a swimming pool, a hot summer, or an increased amount of people living in the house.

What Is The White Substance On My Showerhead and Faucet?

You see it everyday.  It haunts you in your dreams.  That nasty buildup on the edge of your showerhead and faucet.  You want to destroy it, but you’re afraid it will fight back.  Do not fear, as this is most likely just a mineral deposit.  A mineral deposit of INSTANT POISON DEATH.  Nope.  I lied back there, my apologies.  It’s just calcium and lime deposits.  So yes, you can scrape it off and put in your cereal for an extra boost, or decorate the edge of your margarita for some added fanciness.  Or you could do none of those things because that’s just weird.  DISCLAIMER: WE DO NOT RECOMMEND INGESTING THIS MINERAL DEPOSIT.  So how do you restore that beautiful shimmer on your showerhead and faucets?  Soak them in vinegar overnight and scrub ’em in the morning–that’s all!  Now, this is the acute care method of dealing with this issue.  Is there another way?

In the other corner, stands a freestyle fighter at 44 inches tall, a whopping 92 pounds of assembled weight, the super water softener…machine…thing.  If the buildup truly is an issue, it means you live in an area with hard water and that’s just the cards you were dealt.  So how do you deal?  Purchase and install a water softening system in your home. Questions? Contact us today at 289-244-9843 or  We are always happy to help.  Here at Go Green Plumbing, we can reliably maximize the efficiency of your plumbing fixtures, appliances, drainage, and water pipes.

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