Most Frequently Asked Plumbing Questions: Chapter Two

Welcome to Chapter 2 of MFAPQ, Most Frequently Asked Plumbing Questions.  In our first chapter, we focussed on the cause of water bill increases and the white substance that forms on faucets and drains.  You can check that blog out by clicking here.

How Do I Convert A Toilet To Dual Flush?

First of all, my apologies if you searched duelling toilets and came across this post.  What you are looking for can be found here.  Now, back to our regular scheduled programming.  Dual flush toilets have taken the world by storm because bathrooms are the biggest culprits of wasted water in homes, and converting to dual flush is a task that can be easily taken on by the homeowners themselves.

Six Simple Steps To Convert to Dual Flush

  1. Purchase a dual-flush conversion kit.  These kits can be found at your local hardware store, big chains and online, so the quality will vary.  Do your research before you purchase–ask around to see if there are any floppy flushers you should stay away from.
  2. Turn off the water.  An empty tank is necessary to complete all work done during the conversion.  Unless you are deliberately trying to fail, turn that water shutoff valve all the way to the right.
  3. Remove the existing flush kit. Only leave one man behind: grab the fill valve, flapper and tank level.  Leave the flush valve, as that baby will be used for the dual flush setup.
  4. Install the new dual flush system.  Each kit will come with its own instructions, so be sure to follow the guide.  It’s usually quite fast of an installation–20 minutes or less.
  5. Add a new handle.  The new handle will put the power of water control in your own one hand.
  6. Replace top and turn on water.  The last thing you want to do is test flush the toilet and think you did something wrong because there’s no water flow.  Remember to turn the water back on and then you’re all set.

There you have it: six simple steps to converting to a dual flush toilet.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 289-244-9843.  We would be glad to help on your DIY adventure.  Of course, if you would prefer us to take care of the installation, or if you have any other plumbing needs, we can do that as well.  At Go Green Plumbing, we are always happy to help.

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