How To Tell If The Sewer Drains In Your Home Are Blocked


Having blocked sewer drains isn’t a problem that will resolve itself overtime and it most likely will not go unnoticed. There are always signs that there is a clear problem in your home. In particular, look out for the following tell-tale signs:

•Washing Machine/Dishwasher – A problem with your sewer drains will often be accompanied by problems with the fixtures connected to your plumbing system. For example, if you have a dishwasher or a washing machine, once it’s finished washing and the water drains out of it, you may also hear water running through other drains in the house, the toilet perhaps being the most common. There may also be signs that water has spilt out of the drain in your basement area, or come up through the drain in the bathtub or shower since it has no where else to go.

•Unusual Toilet Flushes – When you flush the toilet, the waste water would normally just drain away before being replaced with clean water from the toilet tank. However when your sewer drains are clogged, the waste water won’t have anywhere to go, so it will back up and rise through the lowest point in the system, which is usually a drain in the basement or the bathtub/shower. If this happens you need to contact a professional right away as this can become very unhygienic and damaging to your home.

• Run the Sink – Again, water from the sink should just drain away, but with clogged drains you may see other plumbing fixtures affected simply by turning a faucet on and letting it run. The easiest way to test out this theory is to turn one of the faucets in your bathroom sink on and watch how the toilet reacts as this water goes down the drain. Can you see signs that more water is entering the toilet bowl, or can you see a number of air bubbles rising? These are both indicators that your sewer line is probably blocked.


Should you notice any of these issues or believe that the sewer line in your home is blocked, give us a call here at Go Green Plumbing and we can set you up with the soonest possible appointment! Our number is 289-244-9843 or e-mail us at

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