Most Frequently Asked Plumbing Questions: The Fourth And Final Chapter

It is now time to bring this collection of posts to a swift close.  However, it’s cool to reboot everything these days, so stay tuned, we may revisit MFAPQ (Most Frequently Asked Plumbing Questions) again!   Here we go.

Why Is My Kitchen Faucet Leaking?

Like many plumbing issues, there is not just one possible reason.  We are going to explore five:

1. Problem in the O ring

The O ring is a small ring attached to the stem screw, which holds the handle of a faucet in place.  If the O ring has become loosened or worn over time, replacing it can fix the issue.

2. Corroded Valve Seat

Over time, water sediments can build up and cause the valve seat to corrode.  You can determine this through a leak in the spout area.  Make sure to regularly clean the valve seat with the assistance of a professional.

3. Improper Installation of Washer

It’s possible that the washer may have been installed improperly, or it may not be the right size.  Enlist the help of a plumber if you think this may be the issue.

4. Loose Parts

Sometimes your faucet undergoes shakes and tremors similar to an earthquake.  The adjusting ring and packing nuts in the steam screw can loosen over time.  Tighten these bad boys up, or replace them–the choice is yours.

5. Worn out Seals

You may be thinking: ‘How on earth could a bunch of tired Marineland animals affect my kitchen faucet?’  Well, if Shamu swims in, turns on the tap, floods your kitchen so that Steve the Seal can splash in with an urgent and horrifying news story called ‘CANNONBALL’ — that may have a slightly negative impact on your faucet.  If you’re not thinking that, then good on ya, because that was way off topic.  Similar to the valve seat, sediment can build up inside the assembly of the inlet and outlet seals, causing them wear out.  Hiring a plumber to clean these seals will help you from having to get them replaced.  If it’s too far gone, then replacing them might be your last resort.

Well, we hope you enjoyed this quadrilogy of plumbing questions.  Twilight also had four books, so this series of posts is probably the same level.  Teens everywhere are going to start obsessing over o rings and valve seats.  Me, I’m Team Worn Out Seals fo sho. Anyways, ’til next time.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 289-244-9843.  At Go Green Plumbing, we are always happy to help.

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