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Today’s the day for this week’s bi-weekly blog update: ‘The Monthly’.  Many of us feel lost when it comes to truly taking care of our homes.  We do our best to stay on top of everything, but all too often we find ourselves dealing with disasters that could have been prevented.  It’s time to stop feeling lost in the dark, shouting after Nancy, hoping she’ll just turn up–I mean, trying to fix a pipe, hoping it will just tune up.  This is the Go Green Plumbing blog on simple plumbing checks you should be doing every month.

First Things First

Do not skip over this section.  If you read any of this blog, just read this section.  The very first thing you want to do is know where your water shut off valves are.  If anything goes wrong, you don’t want to be playing a game of Marco Polo where you yell Marco and your water shut off valve says nothing back.  Meanwhile, you’re kitchen has filled up with enough water to play a game of water polo by the time you turn off the water.  Hmmm…if that ever happens, give me a call, because I need to check ‘Play Water Polo in the Kitchen’ off my bucket list.

Shutoff the Shutoff

Once a month you should be turning off your water and systematically checking each pipe.  Look in cabinets, under sinks and check walls and floors for drips, leaks and water damage.  If you find any signs of potential leaks, ignore them.  Because secret government ants are working tirelessly inside your walls and pipes, and if there’s a leak, it just means that they haven’t gotten to that one yet–they’re probably just going over the contract first.  UHHHHH…NO.  Make sure you repair it or by giving a plumber a call.  Not to name drop, but I hear Go Green Plumbing is pretty good. *cough* 289-244-9843 *cough* — I should really get my throat looked at by a professional.  Are my coughs really that bad that they come out through my fingertips and force me to type them?  Moving on…

Check Yourhouse Before You Wreck Yourhouse

What else can you ch-ch-check out?  Check that walls and ceilings below bathrooms for water stains.  That’s a sure sign of a leak.  There should only be one kind of leak in the bathroom–and taking a leak shouldn’t cause leaks.  Take a look at the exposed drain pipes in your basement for signs of leaking.  Think one sump pump is good enough?  Think again–a backup sump pump is never a bad idea–you backup your digital photos, so why not back up your sump pump?  And finally, if you have a crawl space, it’s time to get dusty.  Explore that cave of a room for any water leakage or damage. 

Always be preventative when it comes to plumbing repairs, your wallet and significant other will thank you.  Unless your wallet is your significant other, then just one thank you will take place–two birds, one stone.  If so, do you keep wallet-size photos of your wallet in your wallet?  Alright, I’ll stop prying.  If you have any questions or just want to discuss wallet relationships or want to play water polo in your kitchen, be sure to call or text us at 289-244-9843, because at Go Green Plumbing, we are always happy to help.

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Fraser is the web developer and graphic designer for Go Green Plumbing. He is a husband, father, tech-lover and frequent viewer of cat videos on YouTube. Sometimes, he adds a sentence to make a paragraph look better.
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