Water Heater Regulations Updated Today

In our last post we gave you tips on how to maintain and perform simple tests on your water heater.  This week, we have big news in the world of water heaters!

Today marks an important day of history for water heaters.  As of Thursday, April 16th, new regulations have been introduced to increase efficiency in water heaters!  Be warned, however, that if you do plan on purchasing a new water heater, the price will have risen by approximately 20-40%.  This can be viewed as an investment as these new water heaters should be lasting up to 3 times longer!

So what are these new regulations?  To make it simpler, we have broken it down by specific type of water heater.


Heat pump technology will be implemented into electric water heaters, including added insulation to the tank, piping and fittings.


Typically, the standard minimum size for residential water heaters is 55-gallons.  These water heaters will be phased out and replaced by energy efficient, smaller-capacity models.


Gas water heaters will be updated through condensing technology, added insulation and electric ignition.

So what does this mean for me?  If my water heater is working fine, do I have to replace it?


You do not need to replace it until it quits on you!  For assistance in checking and maintaining your current water heater, check out last week’s blog.  There we teach you how to check if your water heater is working without needing to call a plumber, plumbing company or contractor.

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