Why Is My Hot Water Cold?

Good morning! Oh, and in case I don’t see you, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight!  In fact, I never see you.  (Is that weird?)  Who are you?  What’s your favourite colour?  What do you do on a typical March 31st if it lands on a Sunday?  Okay, now that we’ve built a strong relationship, I’m gonna learn ya, and you’re going to believe whatever I say.  Disclaimer: I am trustworthy, my mom told me once in Grade 3, so you can’t argue that 24 karat magic gold statement.  Plus, we accept the reality we are presented with.  It’s as simple as that.  Speaking of accepting things: do you just put with your cold shower water because you’ve just gotten used to it over the years?  Is your hot water actually cold water?  Are your showers relaxing for 5 minutes, then the last final seconds you feel your Jake Gyllenhaal in the Day After Tomorrow running for your life to escape the freezing death chill?

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If this is your shower experience, be prepared to have your world changed forever.

1. Check Your Water Heater

Perhaps your water heater size is more suited for a mouse.  Or a bunny.  Or an ant.  Or something else infinitesimally tiny.  If your shower runs out and your still as sudsy as a soap opera doused in classic shampoo, then mayhaps it is time to get a bigger water heater.  Some households just need it.  Take the plunge and get a larger water heater.  Your defrosted toes will thank you and you’ll no longer have to wait an hour after putting a load of laundry in.

Does your hot water last just enough for a bunny cleansing?

2. Cut The Chitchat + Check The Thermostat

Don’t be a brat bobcat in the middle of combat with a bureaucrat and an acrobat who housesat for your buddy’s muskrat named Tim.  Take a look at your thermostat on your water heater and ensure it hasn’t gotten bumped our turned down by a rascal roommate or family member.  PS. Do not turn it up higher than 120°F.  Chu don’t wanna burn yo’ bum!

Dad mode’s 6th sense

Your roommate who does this is definitely named Susan.

3. Is Your Water Heater Older Than Betty White?

Even if your water heater is older than Ariana Grande, that’s too dang old.  They’re not humans, so why would you compare them?  Oh, right.  I was the one comparing them.  You got me.  If your water heater is older than a fifth grader, then things can begin to break down: heating elements, gas valves, thermostats.  Have them serviced to see if it’s fixable before you just replace it.  Let’s create a fix-it world instead of a toss-it trash planet.

How do you pick just one Betty White gif?

You don’t.

You take them all.

Betty White gifs are like Lays chips. Betcha can’t eat share just one!

4. Clean That Dirty Thean / Cling That Dirty Thing / Clang That Darty Thang

Whatever way you want to say it, your water heater might just need to be cleaned.  Over time, sediment builds up in the tank and decreases deficiency.  If you don’t feel comfortable jumping to the task yourself, give us a call!

Our cleaning efficiency is about 10x this cat. And that’s saying something.

If you need a plumber, have any questions or just want to talk about muskrats named Tim, be sure to call or text us at 289-244-9843, because at Go Green Plumbing, we are always happy to help.

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