Spring Plumbing Tips


Spring has arrived!  The snow has seemingly had its last fall for the season and we are ready to move forward into the sun.  Don’t move too far forward though, as you could burn up in the sun.  I don’t know if you know this, but the sun is superdanghot.  Also, my apologies if Spring ends by the time you finish reading this blog–summer’s humidity seems to already be creeping in.  Hennyways, it’s time to talk about some spring tips to help you with your residential or commercial plumbing.

Water Valves

Over time, your water valves can get sticky and lock up.  It’s great practice to turn them off and on again every so often.  Do you really want to get caught with a sticky valve?

Water Heater Check Up

I know you.  Your that guy who turned up their water heater’s temperature when the freezing temperatures came in this past winter.  It’s okay though, don’t feel bad.  There’s nothing to be ashamed about–I turned up my water heater as well.  Yup, I admit it.  Just be sure to not boost it to higher than 120 degrees, as anything higher can result in a shorter life of your water heater and possible scalding.  Anyways, turn that bad boy down a couple notches, and while you’re at it, check for any corrosion and leaks and drain the sediment.  Treat your water heater like a baby.  A golden baby.  Sidenote: please don’t take this too seriously and have us walk in to your house to do a service and see a diaper on your water heater.  Nobody wants that.  Nobody.  Not even Tim.  Although Tim might be okay with a golden diaper.

Outdoor Faucets

The first time you turn on your hose and water your masterpiece of a garden, check for any indoor leaks in your home.  Pray that you don’t find any, because if you do, it’s possible one of your pipes froze and cracked over the winter.

Second Check

While you’re eyes are focussed in on checking for leaks, look all around your house.  Under sinks, under supply hoses and anywhere else you know the water pipes run.  Make sure there isn’t any corrosion, water damage or other signs of leakage.

Clean Yo’ Gutta!

Want another way to prevent leaks and water damage from potential downpours?  Remove all debris and wind-travelling rubbish from your gutters and downspouts.  Often winter comes as a surprise and can cover up leaves in your gutters, thus creating a 4-month game of hide and seek.  Well, ready or not, here you come!  Destroy all that gutter trash.

If you have any questions or just want to chat about a society where water heaters could be free to wear golden diapers if they so choose, be sure to call or text us at 289-244-9843, because at Go Green Plumbing, we are always happy to help.

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