Why Does My Water Stink?

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I’m so glad you decided to join us on this lovely day.  Today we are kicking off a brand new series featuring common plumbing questions.  You know those questions that just pop into your head when you’re munching down on your Cranberry Almond Crunch cereal that you tell yourself is an ‘adult’ cereal, even though it has more sugar than Frosted Flakes.  Don’t be upset with yourself though, it’s not your fault really.  You’re just a victim of clever branding and marketing.  Anyways, let’s talk about stanky water.

1.  Find The Source

eggFirst of all, you need to identify if this is a water issue at all, as it could be your drains.  Feeling thirsty yet?  Find yourself a nice glass, it could be your favourite glass if you so choose.  Fill it up with water from the faucet in question and go for a nice walk with it.  Smell it.  Not trying to be forceful here, but are you listening yet?  Or are you reading on to see if I’m just messing with you.  Welp, jokes aside, you need to smell it.  If it smells like rotten eggs, it means one of three things:

1) You need to replace the anode rod in your water heater.

2) Your water softener needs to be changed.

3) There may be a buildup of bacteria in your well or water distribution system.

If you’re curious, this smell is in fact a buildup of sulphur bacteria creating this taste and smell.  So, even if you enjoy a nice glass of watered down rotten eggs on the rocks, take care of it–it’s bacteria after all.  Nobody ever eats bacteria.

2. Check The Drain

Oh no.  Oh boy.  It’s you, isn’t it!  The one that’s been letting food carelessly go down the drain.  I’m here to tell you that unlike Volcano Bay’s Ohyah Drop Slide in Orlando, Florida, stuff gets stuck on the way down.  It doesn’t just have the ride of its lifetime, then end up in a splash pool of refreshing heaven, Ohno.  It gets stuck in your pipes, begins to decompose and stank up your house.  Call a plumber and have this dealt with at your leisure ASAP.

3. Check-ch-check-check-check-ch-check it out
What-wha-what-what-what’s it all about? 

Check out your sewer line.  Grab the shrink ray or hit up Leo, Raph, Mikey and Don and get them to check it out.  If your water seems to have lost its pressure, smells musty, or you’ve seen some crazy, unexpected spikes in your bill there may be an issue with your wastewater and its removal.  If you don’t have a shrink ray in your garage or the ninja turtles in your contact list, give us a call, we’d be happy to take a look at it.


4. Contact Your Local Water Testing Spider-Man Lab

This last baby is just if you are on a well system.  If the issue isn’t going away, google up some local water testers to come and check out your source.  They’ll take it from there and give you all the help you need.


If you need a plumber, have any questions or just want to chat about how to get the TMNT over to your house (partial spoiler: it involves a 24-slice, 2 ancient samurai swords and a half-wet rat), be sure to call or text us at 289-244-9843, because at Go Green Plumbing, we are always happy to help.

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