How to be a Little More Water-Conscious in the Kitchen

So we already gave you some tips on how to save water around the house this summer. You probably think that’s all you need to know right? Not quite! Here are several more easy and efficient ways you can do things differently, in the kitchen specifically, to help save money and conserve water.

1. When cleaning fruits and veggies, collect the water you use in a bowl, that way you can save it to water your houseplants and even your flowers and veggies outside.

2. Only run your dishwasher when it’s completely full. Try making it into a game to see how many dishes you can efficiently stack into one load, to distract yourself from the fact that you got stuck doing the dishes.

3.Let your frozen foods defrost in the fridge overnight instead of using the running cold water method.

4. When washing dishes, fill your first sink half full with hot soapy water and your second sink full with hot rinse water. This avoids letting the water run full blast the whole time you are washing dishes. That uses up more water than you think!

5. Keep a pitcher filled with water in your refrigerator, instead of letting the tap run until the water gets cold every time you need a drink.

6. The garbage disposal in the kitchen can use a ton of water. Try composting more- this also helps put less wear and tear on your garbage disposal!

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Thanks for reading up on how you can save water this summer..and hopefully every other season too!

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