Summer Plumbing Tips

It’s officially the first day of summer. And although we’ve had a few days where it’s felt like Niagara’s inside of a volcano, I’d say we’ve had a pretty fantastic spring. But all good things eventually come to an end, hence Judge Judy is still on the air, so let’s say goodbye to spring and welcome summer with open arms. And to help you out this summer, here’s a few common summer problems and some easy fixes.

1.  Clogs in Pipes

The kids will be home from school, Aunt Marge will be using your house as a hotel because she just *has* to see the Falls for the 18th time and for some reason everyone’s birthday party ends up at your house. Needless to say, your house gets a ton of traffic over the summer. Remind everyone that a toilet is for toilet paper and waste only to reduce clogs. As well, keep a plunger handy because, do kids always listen?

2. Water Leaks

I’ve said it here once, and I’ll say it a million times: look fo’ leaks! Leaks are the most common summertime problem due to pipes freezing over the winter, then cracking from the summer heat. Check your water heater for signs of rust, check pipes, faucets, check your whole house–you can never be too thorough. Unless your idea of thorough is taking an axe to the drywall to check each pipe like you checked your legs for ticks after that excursion to Ticksville, Ohio. Re-dry walling and painting is not exactly cost effective, but I think you know that already. But then why are you reading this? << And that? Just to see what I’m going to say next? Taco cat.

3. Sprinkler Problems

If you have a sprinkler system, a damaged head or line could spike your water bill to an unappreciated amount. As well, your lawn will not be receiving an even distribution of water, and it will start yelling, “THIS ISN’T FAIR!”, turn yellow and you’ll have to tell it to go to it’s room. But wait, the yard is it’s room, so that won’t be effective. Are children exactly like lawns? Disclaimer: don’t mow your kids if they need a haircut.

4. That Is One Big Pile Of…

…Hair. One big pile of hair. Many cats and dogs are shedding that winter coat right now, so if you can, avoid bathing them so their hair doesn’t clog up the drain in the tub. As well, brush your pet regularly to avoid this all together. And if you must bathe them because your royal dog expects it, spray that King down with a hose outside before taking it in for it’s regal sponge bath.


Pretend that this is a big pile of hair, not dino droppings.  Wait, don’t do that, somehow I think that’s worse.

5. Basement Floods

Lastly, floods in the basement. I’m not talking about that box of ’80s things you can’t let go of, I’m pointing at you Dave, with that box of 31 Glo Worms and a single Sony Walkman. Summertime can bring those heavy summer rainfalls and storms, causing damage to gutters and drain areas. Install a sump pump, always clean your gutters and drainage areas and consider calling a professional to take a look at the grading of your property. Of course, Tim down the street can take a look for you, but does that always work out?

If you need a plumber, have any questions or just want to chat about your Glo Worm collection (even if your name isn’t Dave), be sure to call or text us at 289-244-9843, because at Go Green Plumbing, we are always happy to help.

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Fraser is the web developer and graphic designer for Go Green Plumbing. He is a husband, father, tech-lover and frequent viewer of cat videos on YouTube. Sometimes, he adds a sentence to make a paragraph look better.
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