Recovering From Water Damage

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I’m going to start a blog this time without talking about the weather.  Wait–I just said weather, did I ruin it already?   Introductions to blogs and small talk are basically the same thing–bring up something that’s relatable to rope someone in, then you have their attention and you can talk their ear off about anything you want for the next 10 minutes.  And they’ll stay, as long as their polite.  Did I just make you feel guilty about possibly clicking the ‘x’ or ‘back’ button?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Moving on!  We talk a lot about preventative measures, dealing with problems before they happen.  But what about those struggling with the effects of an accident days, weeks, or even months later?  Stay tuned to this screen to follow our soggy footsteps to recovering from water damage.

1.  Stop The Rise

If you come home to a flood in it’s already up passed your ankles, it’s possible that it’s still slowly rising.  So your first step is to find your water shut-off valve and and turn it to stop the flow.  If you are unsure where it is, a good first guess would be in your basement, where the main supply comes into your house.  If your house doesn’t have a basement: start digging, make a basement and your water shut-off valve should appear right before your very eyes.  As long as you live on the rainbow planet known as Squishybunnysmilyville.  If you don’t, and I’m guessing this is true, get searching!  It might be located outside, under a water meter.  If it is, you need a special tool to turn the valve–so if this is your sitch, check if you have that tool and head to the hardware store if you don’t!

2. Protect From Shock

As long as you use a ground-type Pokémon like Onix or Diglett, electric attacks will not be effective.  Wait, this isn’t a Pokémon blog.  Scratch that.  If you have water damage, your number one concern needs to be electrical safety.  If there is just a tiny leak in one area, then shut off the electrical breakers that are connected to the outlets in that area.  If the flooding is more severe, then shut off all the breakers.

jurassic park

How I feel whenever I shut off a breaker.

3. Hold On To Your Butts

I mean, cover your assets.  Call your insurance company and give them the deets.  Be specific and as some plans will only cover burst pipe incidents and not flooding accidents.  Didn’t know this and you now you’re questioning what coverage you have?  Call your insurance company and find out!  There’s those preventative measures again. :P

4. Wring It Out!

Save what you can!  Just because you’ve been attacked by a crazy water monster, it doesn’t mean that everything is shot!  Try to dry out as much as you can to save it from suffering even more damage.  Anything sentimental such as photos still hold their value even if they have a few water stains on them.  Plus, photos can be scanned and digitally edited to look fresh and new!

If you need a plumber, have any questions or just want to chat about launching a spaceship and setting course to planet Squishybunnysmileyville, be sure to call or text us at 289-244-9843, because at Go Green Plumbing, we are always happy to help.

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