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This week we are going to delve into the stranger things of the plumbing world.  Stay tuned as we bust some myths and blow some minds.  Play a little game and guess ‘fact’ or ‘fiction’ before clicking to reveal.


During a thunderstorm, lightning can travel through your pipes and shock you whilst in the bath or shower.

Fact! Lightning CAN in fact travel up pipes as metal is a fantastic conductor. So unless you want to be shockingly clean (and a little bit dead), I’d skip that shower during a storm.


Water Heaters

Due to the fact that water heaters are equipped with a relief valve, they can never explode.

Fiction! Have you ever owned a piece of equipment that ALWAYS works NO MATTER WHAT? If you can answer that with a big, juicy ‘yes’ then please inform us on what it is. The truth is, things can always go wrong. Mechanisms fail. If the pressure relief valve stops working, then pressure can build up and, yes, a water heater can explode. Check out this video from the great people over at MythBusters if you want to see it in action.



A plunger is all you need to take care of any clog.  The Beatles encapsulated this beautifully in the hit track ‘All You Need Is Plunge.’

Fiction! Some clogs need expert advice or a professional’s hand. To do your best to avoid clogs, purchase a clog and septic safe toilet paper. And if you are unsure about a clog, call or text us at 289-244-9843 and we’d be happy to walk you through the situation.



If it fits and flushes down your toilet, then you’re in the clear.

Fiction! Just because it’s made it down into your pipes, doesn’t mean it won’t come back to haunt you! Have you ever heard of pipe ghosts? Well, they’re not a thing. But, if you flush down items such feminine products, ‘flushable’ wipes or anything of the sort, they may get caught and build up and cause a clog in your system in the future. Don’t do it, cap’n!



A faucet with a small drip is no big deal.  It’s just an ickle pickle leaky deaky. ;)

Fiction! Even a small drip can waste thousands of gallons of water a year! Fix that faucet or call a plumber. Don’t waste money or precious H20.


If you have any questions or just want to brainstorm plumbing inspired Beatles’ song titles, be sure to call or text us at 289-244-9843, because at Go Green Plumbing, we are always happy to help.

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