Plumbing Service

We offer a full scope of residential and commercial plumbing services. From a leaky toilet fix to a complete plumbing system installation, you can count us to get the job done.

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Pipe Replacement

From a simple under the counter pipe replacement to a complex underground trenchless pipe system replacement, we are the experts you’re searching for.

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Construction & Additions

Over the past decade, the experts at Go Green Plumbing have emerged as leaders in construction and addition in the Niagara Region.  Whether you are managing a residential or commercial project, we will take care of all of your plumbing needs.

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Drain Cleaning

Whether your clogged drain is in the kitchen, bathroom, sewer line or utility room, our drain cleaning service will take your home’s pipes from a dirty mess to lemony fresh.

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Fixture Installations

From sinks to tubs to shower heads and everything in between, we’ll install it all to give your home the refresh it’s been asking for.  Our new saying: everything AND the kitchen sink.

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Kitchens & Bathrooms

They say that kitchens and bathrooms are the heart and soul of the home.  Alright, maybe just we say that.  Chat with us today about a dream kitchen or bathroom to find out why.

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